Physics is the study of nature and properties of matter and energy. In today’s Physics Ultimate cheat sheet you’ll learn the basic formulas and definitions in physics.

List of contents

  1. Basic physics quantities: List of basic quantities in physics and their units including Lenght, Mass, Time, Temperature, Current, Amount of substance, Current, and Luminous Intensity
  2. Physical constants: Constants such as the speed of light, Newtonian constant
  3. Equations of motion: Three equations of motion
  4. Prefixes: List of most important prefixes that are used with physical quantities
  5. Newton Laws: Newton’s first, second, and third law of motion
  6. Work and Energy: Basic definitions of quantities associated with work/energy and different forms of energy
  7. Current and Electricity: Three basic definitions that are associated with electricity

So that was all about basic formulas and properties in Physics. Did we miss something or you want us to add some more fundamentals? Tell us and we’ll try to update.